Q: Can graduate students participate in the competition?

Ans: Unfortunately this competition is open to teams of undergraduate students only.  Graduate students and faculty members may act as advisers or mentors to the team, but ultimately decisions must be made by the undergraduate students.


Q: Does the 300$ budget cap include shipping, prototyping or development costs?

Ans:  No, it is the theoretical cost of a mass produced printer. The cost of labor, manufacturing, shipping and development is neglected because it is seen as an initial capital cost. You need the include the cost of material, real cost of parts at the best currency rate in the month of September of the contending academic year. If you use 3D printing for some components, include the bulk price / weight of the printing material multiplied by the weight of your part.


Q: Is it a good idea to make a Gantt chart and order the parts needed for my team’s design as soon as possible?

Ans: Yes. A common mistake is to forget that any part from China ( they are cheaper : see Alibaba & AliExpress) can take up to 2-3 months to arrive. This needs to be planned for.


Q: Can we trust that the technical drawings provided by Chinese providers match the product that is shipped?

Ans: No. Always cross reference the parts with your CAD assembly drawing once you receive them.


Q: If we purchase parts in US currency, and the currency fluctuates a lot during the printer development, what exchange rate should we include in the mass produced BOM ?

Ans: Use the most advantageous exchange rate during the month of September of the current Academic year.


Q: Can American Universities participate, even if this is a Canadian competition?

Ans: Unfortunately, this competition is for Canadian schools only.


Q: Are we limited to polar, cartesian, delta or resin 3D printers designs?

Ans: No. You are free to innovate in the way that suits best your interests.


Q: Do we need to use all components of the basic kit provided by the CSME NDC ?

Ans: No. Those components have been chosen to provide you with the basic components of any 3D printer. This was decided in order to help you with shipping times.


Q: Do we need to research and include real prices for the components of the kit in our normal & mass production BOM?

Ans: Yes, this is an integral part of your engineering expertise in building a product.