In order to succeed in the competition, you need to get to the prototype manufacturing phase as fast as possible. Once the printer is manufactured, you should expect 2-4 weeks  of debugging and troubleshooting before being able to print your competition piece. By that point, you should have a final version of your printer’s top-level CAD assembly file, a precise manufacturing plan and a supply plan that will ensure that all purchased parts for your printer will arrive on time for manufacturing. The competition provides you with a kit of common parts that will help you deal with the issue. As an indicator, previous successful teams finish purchasing their outsourced parts by the end of January. As a last piece of advice, you should create a Gantt chart that not only accounts for CAD-ing, top level assembly, purchasing lead-time, manufacturing but also takes in consideration the writing of the reports, video editing, academic midterms and finals.

To help your learning process, we have put a list of online resources that can help you orient in this creation process. This list will be in evolution during the first months on 2017 and a webinar to answer your questions will be set up mid-January.

Please contact Competition Organizers for more information.


CSME Competition Kit

For your convenience and to help you with lead times on common 3D Printer parts, we have made a Kit available to you. It is highly suggested for any new team to purchase the Kit as it is sold at a price lower than cost since it has been bought in bulk. Experience from previous years shows that having those parts available in the beginning of the design process is of a huge help since lead times from necessary low-cost Chinese companies such as Alibaba or Aliexpress  can be as much as 1-3 months.

J-head V6 Hotend 1.75mm 1
3M Teflon Bowden Tube 1.75mm 1
1.75mm tube coupler 2
Wiring Kit 1
Nema 17 stepper motors (SOLDby4) – 4 motors by kit 4
GT2 20 tooth Timing Pulleys And 2 Meters Of GT2 Belt 3
Mechanical limit switch (SOLDby10s) – 3 switches by kit 3
Arduino Mega 2560 R3 microcontroller 1
1.4 RAMPS controller 1
MK7 Hobbed pulley for extruder 1
Stepper motor driver for RAMPS 1.4 5



Book on building your own:

What is a 3D printer?

What is an STL file?



Arduino IDE:

Ramps 1.4 wiring diagram:




Repetier Configurator:

Marlin Configurator:


Marlin vs. Repetier vs. Sailfish:,161124,174248

Steps per mm calculator:





Delta Kinematics:

Motion control:


Calibration + Troubleshooting:

Pictorial guide:

Pictorial guide:

How to:



Intro to filaments:


Flowchart Example:



Quality Vs. Time:




Slic3r (slicer only):

Cura (host+slicer):

Simplify3D (host+slicer):

Pronterface (host only +slic3r integration):

Repetier Host (Host + slic3r integration):

Shells and layer height and infill discussion:



CAD Softwares:

Fusion 360:



Autodesk Inventor:

3D model resources:






Buying parts:  – Cheap but long lead times – Cheap but long lead times


Youtube Chanels:

Thomas Sanladerer:

3d printing nerd:

Makers Muse:


Going further: