All team submissions must meet the following criteria:

  1. Final product must be able to produce (print) a solid object in 3 dimensions
  2. Printer must have a build envelope of at least 7cm X 7cm X 7cm
  3. Print material must be durable enough to handle without warping or breaking
  4. Final product must be able to accept a solid model supplied in the .STL format
  5. Once the print process has started, there can be no user interaction
  6. Total component and material cost must not exceed $300 CAD.  Machining cost need not be applied to this budget
  7. There may be no alteration of the prototype part after printing
  8. No team shall purchase or modify an existing 3D printer for submission.  Certain base components may be purchased (e.g. extruder head, motor controller) but innovative designs are encouraged


The CSME National Design Competition for 3D Printing (3DP) is open to all engineering undergraduate or technical college students in Canada. All students must be enrolled as undergraduate engineering degree or diploma programs in Canada at any time during the present academic year. All competitors agree to abide by the Engineering Code of Ethics.

The competition is open to individual students or groups of up to ten students. Each project is required to be authorized by a faculty advisor from the corresponding academic institution. Each design team may only have one entry.

Each engineering institution may only be represented by 1 team.  In situations where multiple teams from an institution are organized, a committee of qualified judges from that institution will select and nominate one design team to represent the institution.

Submission Components

Three components of design package should be submitted:

  1. Technology Readiness Report (in English) consisting of two parts:
    1. Technical Report (max 10 pages)
    2. Business Plan (max 5 pages)
  2. A predefined 3D prototype fabricated by the built 3D Printer should be submitted for evaluation and dimension measurements (Prototype details will be provided to students at a later date)
  3. A three minute design promotion video clip.

Submission Component Descriptions

Technical Package 

The technical package will focus on the technical and engineering aspects of the project.This includes examining the manufacturability and environmental aspects of the design and the design principles behind component selection and design.


Business Package

The business package will focus on the financial and marketing aspects of the project.This will include an analysis on the financials of mass production of the designed 3D printer.Marketing strategies should highlight specific aspects of the design (e.g. print speed, print precision, cost, aesthetics, etc.) and identify target users and markets.


3D Prototype 

Teams will be provided with the .STL file of a prototype object that they will use their 3D printer to build.The object will be sent to the Judging Committee for evaluation.A statistical evaluation of the object’s dimensions will be conducted and scored based on how close the prototypes dimensions are to the model dimensions.


Promotion Video Clip

The video clip should communicate or demonstrate the features and value of the design.The video clip will be evaluated on quality and effectiveness.Part or all of the scoring of the video clip may come from sources outside of the judging committee such as internet voting, clip view counts or student voting.

* The submission must adhere to CSME National Design Competition Terms & Conditions.


Judging and Scoring

The Challenge will take place in three (3) rounds:

Round 1 – A committee of qualified judges from each engineering institution will select and nominate one design team to represent its institution for the CSME National Design Competition.

Round 2 – The selected nominees from Round 1 will assemble their design packages and send to the CSME Challenge Committee. The Committee will be made up of up to (10) department heads from institutions around the country.  Eight semifinalist team will be selected and invited to the  2016 Canadian Society of Mechanical Engineering International Congress.

Round 3 – The semi-finalists will compete in a 20 minute verbal presentation including video clip with additional 10 minutes reserved for questions and answers. Finalists in four categories (Best Overall Design Package, Best Technical Merit, Best Business Plan Proposition and Best Video Clip) will be selected by a Committee of CSME Members and  2016 Canadian Society of Mechanical Engineering International Congress Chairs.


The design team’s total score is based on the five components:

  1. Overall design package
  2. Innovation of the design
  3. Quality of the produced prototype
  4. Value and potential impact of the design, the depth of business case and marketing of such a design
  5. Ability to communicate or demonstrate the features and value of the design (video clip).

This scoring method will be used for both semi-finalist and finalist selection.

The overall scoring will be broken down as follows:

3D Printing Overall Design Package


Technical Innovation


Business Case Proposition


Prototype Quality


Communication and Presentation


* CSME reserves the right to select fewer than the specified number of Semi-Finalists or Finalists, if, in its sole discretion, it does not receive a sufficient number of eligible and qualified Submissions.