Submission Instructions 2024


The body of your report should be 3 to 5 pages (single spaced, 12pt Times New Roman), submitted as a single PDF file, and should present your design process and final results. The report should clearly present the problem to be solved, your requirements, and how these requirements have been verified. You must demonstrate how you applied domain-relevant engineering knowledge and tools throughout the process, and how you considered one or more of the following: technical excellence in mechanical engineering, commercial readiness, and/or sustainability. You may include supporting documentation in an appendix to the report, such as drawings and 3D renders, bill of materials, analysis and simulation results, and test reports.


Videos should be 5-10 minutes in length in mp4 format. The video should provide an overview of your project, including your design process and a demonstration of the functionality of your final design. This may take the form of simulations, testing, prototypes, etc. You should take advantage of the medium to demonstrate aspects of your project that may be difficult to present in report form. Winners will be asked to provide a 2-3 minute summary video for presentation during the CSME Congress Awards Banquet.

Submitting your entry:

Before submitting your entry, please review the Competition Rules. Once you are ready, follow the link below to submit your video and report for the 2024 NDC. Evaluation of your submission will consider the report and video as a whole.